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Unit for Risk Analysis

The Unit for Risk Analysis (URA) is the consulting division of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). Over 160 corporations, organisations, and government departments subscribe to its reports, briefings, and support services. The URA works directly with planners, strategists, and senior decision-makers across a range of industries to help them better understand the environment they do business in and how that environment may evolve over time.

Information is provided via the South Africa Survey, Fast Facts, and through strategic and scenario briefing services. The URA also allows subscribers to access ad-hoc research support services which handle requests for data and policy dossiers.

The URA offers two subscription options to a combination of the above reports and services. Once-off users also have the option of purchasing any report or service online or by clicking here and submitting an enquiry.

Today the URA provides information and intelligence solutions to over 300 businesses and organizations working in South Africa. These are spread across the following industries:

• Mining 4%
• Retail 8%
• Financial services 25%
• Industrial 23%
• Government 18%
• Services sector 23%

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