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Research projects

The Institute operates a number of stand-alone research projects at any point in time. You are welcome to contact the research managers on those projects to learn more.

Free Society Project
This is a major policy project that has been in operation for more than a decade. It attracts financial support from both European and American funding organizations as well as some South African corporations and grant making groups. The project is tasked with using the Institute’s formidable research and policy expertise to promote policy interventions that will guarantee South Africa’s future as a free and open society. Click here to send an enquiry about this project.

Maurice Webb Research Project
This research project is tasked with tracking South Africa's social and economic progress in terms of race as it moves further beyond 1994.  Click here to send an enquiry about this project.

Ten Pillars of Democracy Project
This project is funded though the Royal Belgian Embassy. It is monitoring South Africa’s progress and young democracy based on ten democratic pillars. Click here to send an enquiry about this project.

Local Government Research Project

This is a research project funded by the International Republican Institute via the National Endowment for Democracy.  It is tasked with tracking local government delivery trends across South Africa.  Local authorities are a very important link in overall efforts to secure improved standards of living in South Africa.  This project is tasked with identifying policy solutions and interventions that can support those delivery efforts.  

Digging for Development

Funded by the Swedish Embassy, this project is an effort to track and understand the socio-economic conditions of mine workers in South Africa.  Coming soon after the Marikana Massacre this is an important policy intervention aimed at producing the information necessary to make informed industrial relations decisions in the South African work place.

Policing in Perspective 

This is a project funded through the Institute's own resources which is aimed at developing policy responses to brutality and criminality on the part of the South African Police Service.  It comes as a follow-up to the 2011 Broken Blue Line project, which saw the Institute produce a cutting-edge analysis of the extent to which police officers in South Africa were often responsible for perpetrating criminal offences.

First Steps to Healing the South African Family

This has been an ongoing research project funded by the Donaldson Trust and later Anglo American to investigate the circumstances faced by women and children in South Africa.  Its reports are credited as being the leading source of information on these two vulnerable groups.  The project has made considerable progress in terms of promoting and proposing policy interventions that improve the circumstances women and children in South Africa.



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