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South Africa Survey Online 2010/2011

This is the digital version of our premier publication. Split into nine chapters, the Survey provides an overview of the statistics and trends available regarding South Africa. This service is available only to our Corporate and Business subscribers.

Document 2010/2011 - Business & Labour
In 100 pages of detail, the Business and Labour chapter provides a comprehensive picture of the business environment in South Africa. It presents data on business by size, as well as a newly-expanded section on business by sector.
Document 2010/2011 - Crime & Security
The chapter comprises 89 pages on all aspects of the criminal justice system – police, courts, prisons – as well as defence and private security.
Document 2010/2011 - Demographics
The Demographics chapter shows who lives in South Africa, how old they are, and where they live. Data, in 77 pages of detail, is broken down by race, sex, age, and location, going back as far as 1911 and looking ahead to 2040. Seven pages are devoted to the impact of HIV/AIDS.
Document 2010/2011 - The Economy
The Economy chapter comprises 122 pages of data on all aspects of the South African economy plus numerous comparisons with other countries across the globe.
Document 2010/2011 - Education
The Education chapter comprises 106 pages detailing education in South Africa. The chapter provides an in-depth look at the education profile of the population and offers numerous international comparisons.
Document 2010/2011 - Employment & Incomes
The 96-page Employment and Incomes chapter tells you whom in South Africa earns how much through doing what and where they do it. It is packed with detail on employment, unemployment, income, expenditure, and poverty trends. Most indicators are broken down by race, sex, province, and industry, and show trends over the last decade.
Document 2010/2011 - Health and Welfare
The welfare section provides an overview of how much is spent on social welfare in and how it is spent. Data on social grant beneficiaries is available by type of social grant and by province.
Document 2010/2011 - Living Conditions & Communications
Living Conditions and Communications is a 97-page chapter containing data related to service delivery issues such as land, water, sanitation, housing, electricity, and refuse removal. It covers 14 years of trends in access to as well as backlogs in all basic services.
Document 2010/2011 - Politics and Government
The 50-page Politics and Government chapter provides an up-to-date analysis of the political landscape of South Africa. It details party representation at national, provincial, and local level and provides data on audit performance of all tiers of government.
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