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The Institute publishes a number of monthly, annual, and occasional reports on South Africa. These cover the fields ranging from the economy, business, and labour, to education, healthcare, and social welfare.

South Africa Survey

The Institute has published the South Africa Survey annually since 1946. Today it is the leading economic, social, and political review of data trends on South Africa. Running to over 700 pages it has nine chapters covering demographics, the economy, employment and incomes, business and labour, education, health and welfare, living conditions and communications, crime and security, politics and government. It is available as a hard copy book or as nine stand alone reports covering each of the chapter areas. These nine reports are all electronic and include both PDF and excel versions. Individual reports may be purchased online but are considerably more costly than receiving the reports through a subscription.

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Fast Facts

Fast Facts is published every month. It runs to between 16 and 32 pages. Each edition has a particular focus and regular annual editions include as examples a comparative review of socio-economic indicators for local government, a comparative review of provincial development trends, a review of skills and education, and a review of the budget. In addition each edition updates 170 social and economic indicators for South Africa. Fast Facts is also used a vehicle through which the Institute and its Unit for Risk Analysis can warn of forthcoming policy or legislative risks. Fast Facts is available in hard copy and online. Individual issues can be purchased online but a subscription is a far more cost effective way to obtain access to Fast Facts.

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Books published by the institute.

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