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Development Projects

The Institute operates several development and outreach projects. These range from the anti-poverty programmes to providing research assistance to members of Parliament.

Media Alert Service
This project is a long stretch the leading civil society supported media programme in Southern Africa.  This project is supported by the Open Society Foundation of South Africa. Through the project members of the media are invited to enroll online onto an electronic mailing list. Every report authored by the Institute and by its associated Good Governance Africa is then sent to them allowing them access to some of the best data and analysis on Southern Africa. On a monthly basis they receive an electronic report from the Institute updating contact details of the Institute’s research experts and giving them insight into key policy developments in the country. They are encouraged to consult these researchers for data or comment on South Africa. Also through the project the media are invited to attend all Institute events and breakfast briefings. The purpose of the project is to support short staffed news rooms with good research and thereby improve the quality of media reporting on South Africa. In 2012 this programme counted more than 650 media outlets and individual journalists as active subscribers, it secured seven citations a day in the print media, and Institute staff provided more than 500 interviews on print, radio, and television.  Click here to send an enquiry about this project.

Democracy Support Programme

This project ensures that elected representatives across all three tiers of government in South Africa receive access to the best possible policy formulation and research services available in the country.  More than 2000 elected representatives are subscribed to the programme which allows them access to the expertise of the Institute and its analysts.  The programme is a leading example of civil society/government/political cooperation and is tasked with promoting policy solutions that ensure South Africa remains a free and open society under the rule of law where private sector investment-led growth guarantees a stable political environment.

Civil Society Support Programme

This programme is designed to support the work of small development and civil society organisations in South Africa by ensuring that they get access to high quality research and policy resources.  Any grassroots or small scale community based or Non-Profit Organisation is able to approach the Institute in order to get access to the reports and support services that in the corporate sector would only be available to paying clients of its Unit for Risk Analysis.  The Institute believes that these small organisations are essential to promoting democracy and human development in the country and the programme ensures that the Institute is able to use its policy and research expertise to promote their success.

South African Development Index

The South African Development Index (SADI) is an initiative by the South African Institute of Race Relations and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The index aims to track development trends in the country. It assigns a score to the level of overall human and economic development in South Africa based on 27 indicators across six policy areas.  The index is updated every three months.

Please click here to read more about the index. 

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