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Products and Services


The Institute provides a variety of analytic and risk analysis presentations on South Africa. These are provided to brief audiences on key driving forces likely to influence the economic, social, and political environment in South Africa. These briefings can be tailored to deal with specific concerns confronting companies or be more general overviews of social, economic, and political trends in South Africa. They are a very a valuable tool for policy making and understanding possible futures and risks in South Africa.

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The Institute publishes a number of monthly, annual, and occasional reports on South Africa. These cover the fields ranging from the economy, business, and labour, to education, healthcare, and social welfare.

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Research Projects

The Institute operates a number of stand-alone research projects at any point in time. You can click on the links below to learn more about current or recent research projects. You are also welcome to contact the research managers on those projects to learn more.

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Development Projects

The Institute operates several development and outreach projects. These range from the anti-poverty programmes to providing research assistance to members of Parliament.

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Bursary Programme

The Institute has been funding the education of poor South Africans, regardless of race, since 1935. Since 1980 we have provided more than R221 million in bursary funding and produced over 3 600 medical, business, management, scientific, education, and engineering graduates. This has been a major contribution to economic empowerment in South Africa.

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