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What We Do

The Institute is an independent think-tank producing research, policy critiques, and risk analysis on South Africa. Our fields of expertise include the economy, business, labour, education, demographics, living conditions, crime, security, healthcare, land reform, service delivery, politics, and government affairs. We benchmark ourselves on telling our subscribers today what they will read in the media in two or three years’ time.

Our research and briefing services and publications are made available to subscribers which include 150 of South Africa’s leading corporations, a number of foreign governments, and increasingly South African government departments and agencies.

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We also operate a number of research and policy projects through which our research and services are made available to Parliament, provincial and local government, political parties, and the media. Here we use private donor funding to make our expertise and services available to important policy makers in South Africa. Thereby we seek to use a small amount of private donor money to influence the more effective spending of much larger amounts of public money.

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